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Heneage chapel Hainton, Lincolnshire

Hainton is one of those rare places, a manor that has been in the possession of a single family for much of its recorded the history.  The church of St Mary stands in the grounds of Hainton Hall, which was and still is the home of the Heneage family.  The chancel and north chapel contain an unparelleled and virtually unbroken sequence of family monuments dating from the fifteenth century.

The earliest Heneage monument are the brasses to John Heneage (died 1435) a and his wife Alice on the chapel floor.  John, who is portrayed in civilian dress, was a yeoman and it was he that managed to acquire a share of the manor of Hainton that established the family in Hainton. The family fortunes were further bolstered in the early sixteenth century when the family profitted from the acquisition of former monastic lands.  It is interesting that although they benefitted from the monastic pillage of the 1530s, the family remained Recusants, resolutely devoted to the old faith. 

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