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Turkdean, Gloucestershire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.

I came across this fascinating oddity at Turkdean in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. When the parisioners decided to rebuild they modest two cell Norman church sometime in the fifteenth century. they decided to start by constructing the tower within the western bay of the Norman nave. They then built a new nave and chancel abutting the new tower. For some reason when the new nave, tower and chancel were completed the builders chose not to remove the remaining bits of Norman nave. So you have, in effect, two odd shallow Norman aisles, complete with half a door and corbel table, embracing the tower. Very strange.

Turkdean, Gloucestershire

A view of the church from the east.
Turkdean, Gloucestershire


BillyD said…
Is the old structure visible from inside the "new" church?
Canon Tallis said…
There is something I very much like about this church and I wish that you had included photographs of the interior. It is like the almost universal aim of mankind to make improvements but with an acknowledgment that we can not leave all of our past behind. I have put it on my list of things to see in person on my next trip to Britain with a prayer that I will still be able to get around when I am able to make the trip.
Allan Barton said…
Yes it is visible.

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