Coates - Easter Sepulchre

Coates, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.

I have already posted twice on St Edith's Coates-by-Stow in Lincolnshire, with its lovely screen and loft. Among the fittings in the chancel are the substantial remains of the Easter Sepulchre. After it ceased to be used at the Reformation the sepulchre was covered over and monumental brasses were inserted into the blocking, further obscuring it. What was left of it It was uncovered in the nineteenth century. The top of the arch is surmounted with a badly defaced carving of the resurrection, with Christ leaping from the tomb with the sleeping soldiers surrounding him. This was flanked by two censing angels, only one survivesd and this is virtually obliterated.

Coates, Lincolnshire


Canon Tallis said…
Just went through all of your posts from the beginning. They make me wish that there only were some way that you could be paid very handsomely just for doing this. It is just a wonderful job that you do of it and makes me so elated that you are an Anglican and a very true one at that. The whole of the tradition of the Cambridge Camden Society, Staley's Hierurgia Anglicana, and the whole of the return of the beauty part of the Church revival is evidenced in what you have done and I love it.
Allan Barton said…
Many thanks for your kind words and support. It makes it very worthwhile to hear that the blog is appreciated.