It's that time of year again, time to put up the Lenten array!

Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire - Lent array

The Lenten array at All Saints, Cuddesdon in Oxfordshire, all three altars draped in unbleached linen with blood red decoration.  

The stencilled shields containing instruments of the Passion, are from the Lenten array frontal at St Mary's Primrose Hill, Hampstead.  The photos rom SarumSleuth's Flickr page, who has a fantastic folder on Flickr with numerous pictures of Lenten array from the length and breadth of England.  For my previous articles on the subject see here and here.


Daniel Graves said…
I'm enjoying your blog and all the interesting photos you are posting. Keep up the good work.

Fr. Dan Graves
Thornhill, ON CANADA
Canon Tallis said…
I always love this time of year and its whiteness. The photos on the link are wonderful as well except that I always get the giggles over the deaons (?) at Primrose Hill. That was the first parish I ever visited in England because of Dearmer and George Timms. I hope the services are now done better than when I visited.
Allan Barton said…
Thank you Father Dan, more to come. Father, I'm intrigued by your comments about Primrose Hill, why did the deacons make you giggle. My understanding is that Primrose Hill had rather gone down the tubes, but things are much improved. It still maintains Dearmer's tradition, but is not as self-conscious.