How's this for a bit of atmosphere

Nettlecombe, Somerset

A fifteenth century Seven Sacrament font in Ham stone, sandstone recesses with thirteenth and fourteenth century effigies of the Ralegh family, a late medieval waggon roof, a patchwork of old flooring and a late seventeenth century tablet with reclining putti. Does it get any better than this, does it?  This atmospheric interior is the south aisle at Nettlecombe in Somerset.     


Simon Cotton said…
It is the only Seven Sacrament font outside Eastern England. All but one of the others are in Norfolk and Suffolk. It would be interesting [but probably impossible] to know the reasons for this, and why there are none in Lincolnshire, for example.
Allan Barton said…
Indeed so, it is very odd this is the only one in the West Country. The absence in Lincolnshire is significant I think, particularly given that a lot of Lincolnshire fonts, particularly in the marsh show a distinct East Anglian influence. Any there is another article to come on the Nettlecombe font in the next couple of weeks.