Grantham Lent array


At the glorious fourteenth century church of St Wulfram in Grantham, Lincolnshire is this dramatic example of Lenten array photographed here by SarumSleuth.  The array entirely coveres George Gilbert Scott's magnificent towering reredos.


Photo by Allikevel

The array also extends to the side altars and includes this lovely frontal on the lady chapel by the Warham Guild, which is rather striking in its mixture of red and blue stencilling.



Lapinbizarre said…
Extremely striking in its plainness. 45+ years since I've been at St Wulfram's, but still remember it vividly.

Roger Mortimer
Davis said…
How delightful the Grantham array is!
Canon Tallis said…
Delightful and magnificent. It is wonderful to see something so marvelously done.
Artoholic said…
Beautiful symmetry - it must be mind blowing to stand in it's midst.


Thanks for the pictures, you have inspired me to get some done for my parish.
Canon Tallis said…
It has inspired me to re-design and re-do the Lenten Array for my small parish. There is something marvelous about doing things in the English manner.