Wednesday, 6 July 2016

White and grey and pink

The whites and greys and subtle pinks of this alabaster monument, sit in contrast to the vivid colouring around it. The reds, oranges and yellow tones of the medieval wallpaintings above the chancel arch and the shiny encaustic brigthnesss of the chancel floor.

East Shefford, Berkshire

East Shefford, Berkshire

East Shefford, Berkshire

This is East or Little Shefford in Berkshire.  The monument is that of Sir Thomas Fettiplace and his wife Beatrix, he died in 1442.  They lie in repose in the church between the chancel and the south Chapel.  Around them a sea of replica medieval encaustic tiles copied from one or two medieval examples.


Bill Nicholls said...

There are some amazing Churches in Berkshire I've only scratched the surface but Great Shefford is on eon the list to visit. Have you been to Aldworth

Vitrearum said...

Oh yes I visited Aldworth when we lived in Oxford. Fabulous effigies.